Internship at FHOA : Disney roleplay commercial

I have been silent for the past two months as I interned at the Famous House of Animation, Mumbai.
I was a junior visualizer at the Mahalaxmi studio. My department primarily consisted of my friend from NID, Abhimanyu and Aditya, both of whom who are currently working there. studio works mainly on commercials and VFX, and my job was mainly pre-production and a bit of production. It has been and enriching experience and I can finally share the work I did there.

To start with, this is a project we worked on for Disney.It's a commercial for their product line under the name of "Disney Princess".

This is the final output of the project : 


 This is the main background that I worked on.

This is one of my first encounters with Matte painting, and boy did I fall in love with this! This is a final output after lots of back and forth, and feedback from the compositing team as well as the client. The following are the rough sketches I made. This is from where we started!

It was a memorable experience, and I learnt alot as to how to prepare a file for compositing as well!

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