Lots of work is in Progress

Working on a couple of animations. Meanwhile in the middle - 

Cards_03 (27.01.2013)

For my friend and batchmate and girl-who-needs-everything-in-order, Mudita!

For my favourite aunt - who lost both her parents within a span of a month last year.


A pitch for an album cover. It eventually didn't work out, but I had fun making it!
Drawn on paper and coloured on Photoshop.

3D? nope, Cinema 4D!

Recently tried out Cinema 4D, a 3D software, used for doing very cool things - I hope to pick this up sometime, when I get some time. I did a quick something following a tutorial - blending 3D typography and a 2D image. This is 1% of the software's total potential though...

From the Sketchbook

Internship at FHOA : Zen Estillo

A quick storyboard that I churned out for Zen Estillo :

Internship at FHOA : Theme Park project

A fun project, which to date is still in consideration, this was for the Famous studio concept pitch, for a ride, at an upcoming theme park at Mumbai. It's an archaeological based ride, and this is basically for the branding of the ride - character design, animation, etc

These are explorations for Dr. Roy, the protagonist who takes the audience through the ride.

The above sheet has explorations from my friends and colleagues - Abhimanyu and Aditya, apart from my drawings.

This is an exploration for the style used in the safety videos of the theme park

Internship at FHOA : Listerine Mouthwash

Listerine is coming up with a new TVC. In order to pitch for the project, we had to prepare a story board and some character explorations  according to the brief provided.

The following is the storyboard,which I made in about 3 hours, for the pitch :