Internship at FHOA : Amul India

By now most of you would have seen the Amul ad on Indian television or online. This ad was entirely done at FHOA (where I interned this summer). Amul is considering to make another ad on the same lines. I had to make some concept art for the clients.

These are very basic and I have simply posed the girl's rig, taken a render and treated it on photoshop thereafter. However, in the ad world, deadlines are in-your-face, and I had to almost present these within a span of just about an hour or two!

In another Amul project, I had to make a background for the pack shot. Hence, what you see here is digitally painted, alongwith the product.
I then gave it to the compositing team, who animated the smoke and made the paneer gently float on water. 

Here is the image : 


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