Film Club Posters

For the love of Cinema....

Film Club is something I'm really attached to. Every Tuesday and Thursday, once the classes get over, interested people from the NID community gather at the Audi to watch a Film. This is not to unwind, but for academic purposes - hence we generally choose cinema that is not commercially popular/easily available in India, but still packs a punch in the context of its making. I believe, as a student of this medium, it's crucial to get exposed to the ways people use this medium. Of course, there is always the thrill of watching films on the big screen!

The Film Club occasionally ties up with organisations like Alliance Francaise, and we have the good fortune of viewing some of the best French cinema on 35mm Film and otherwise as well!!

These are various posters I made for the Film Club of NID. I love to watch films. As one of the coordinators of Film Club, I have learnt a lot by interacting with other experts, filmmakers, and film lovers. Most of them (except Nightmare Before Christmas) Have been made using existing visuals of the respective films. These have been made to be put up on campus notice boards only.

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