A(t)tension - CGI workshop 2012

This Video clip is conceptualised and animated by me.
It's a part of a 15 clip episodic series based on the character in this clip. 14 of my batchmates have animated the other 14 each.

This animated short has been completed in 7 days from scratch to finish.
The software used - Autodesk Maya and Adobe Premiere Pro.
The workshop has been conducted by Mr. Arjun Gupte - his work can be seen here : www.angupte.blogspot.com
Teaching assistance - Karthik and Mathew.
Music- my friend and batchmate Venkatram. V

Story, Animation and Sound design - myself.

Your feedback is welcome!


  1. Neerav! I was browsing blogs and I found yours! This was hilarious! Haha! Keep up the great work man. See ya! :)

  2. Thank you! Hope your animation is going good! been following yours for quite a while now! :)