Two posters and a story

My first not quite successful shot at Bollywood!

So I get in touch with somebody(via a Facebook post) wanting some posters designed, to be used in Madhur Bhandarkar's upcoming film "Heroine" (!) He tells me - "You have two hours to come up with a poster design for two dummy films to be used within the film."
I could use reference/stock images and make these posters-

The first being ANNIE - an indie film(that was the only information provided). Below is my rendition!

The second being RAKSHAK-THE SAVIOUR - An action film! Below is my interpretation.

Well, he liked both, BUT told me the Annie poster should be more creepy. The Rakshak poster should be more like Wanted, Agent Vinod, etc. One star's face in the poster!

Oh, and he asked for more "textures" on both. Well, reflecting back, I agree, I should've seen that coming. 
This has helped me in approaching my work in a way where I try and predict the client's need- works sometimes, sometimes doesn't!

He said he would get back to me and hasn't yet. So I guess that's the end of that small but memorable experience. :-)

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